We welcome you to Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University. We are delighted to have you join our organization and hope that your tenure with us brings you rich reward, professional growth and development. Your role is critical in fulfilling the mission of our organization and we are eager to welcome you as members of our growing community.

Your first few weeks will require a great deal of patience and adaptation as you face challenges in the new environment. This is only normal and expected.

As you scroll through these pages, the main thing you need to remember is that whenever you are faced with problems, make sure you ask for help. Our teams and colleagues will always do their best to support you, they only need to know you are facing difficulty. This is true for your department and college, and for all the support departments presented to you on this webpage.

Welcome to PMU, where an exciting journey awaits!

The Department of Global Engagement supports PMU strategy in its outreach efforts. International engagement is integral part of the university strategy, and is increasingly essential for the growth of its academic community. Our office strives to support a wide range of international engagement initiatives, expansion projects, and international and regional partnerships that are maintained by the various colleges and departments at PMU.

The Department of Global Engagement provides services to students and faculty. We aim to support the university vision of building global leaders and that is only achievable with increased exposure to global education and international activities. Those experiences carry transformative effects on the student personality and enhance the development of the six core competencies that PMU aims to instill in its graduates.

The Department serves three different areas:

  • International Partnerships
  • International Recruitment
  • New Projects

We welcome new ideas and are proud to support international ventures on behalf of our students and faculty. The Department is located in the LRC building, First Floor.