Policy & Procedures

Guidelines for applying to PMU SAP at the Host Institutions

Purpose of Policy

This policy governs the guidelines for applying to PMU SAP opportunities at partner Institutions.

Statement of Policy

Application Requirements

Applicants should fill the SAP application form before the announced deadlines. All applicants must attach to the form the following documents addressed to the host institution- and submit them to the PMU assigned SAP Registration Officer:
  • Latest Official Transcripts at the time of application
  • Statement of Purpose 
  • Applicant resume or portfolio 
  • Bank guarantee certificate (for self-sponsored candidates as well as for visa purposes)
  • 2 Letters of recommendation from 2 PMU faculty members who have taught the candidate.
  • IELTS or TOEFL Tests Scores

Admission to SAP

Applicants understand that PMU offers only a provisional acceptance to the SAP, however, final admission to the host institution remains at the strict discretion of that institution. The final decision will be communicated to the candidate email address.

SAP Advisor

While the application is being processed, applicants are encouraged to start the course selection exercise with their college SAP advisor. The college SAP advisor shall:
  • Ensure the courses selected with the student at the host institution are mapped with PMU courses.  
  • Ensure that the selected courses are approved by the department chair and college dean for credit transfer purposes.  
  • Verify that courses selected are relevant to the applicant specialization.
  • Verify that courses selected are offered during the appropriate semester at the host institution.
  • Ensure that the applicant has fulfilled the prerequisites for those courses.
  • Ensure that the courses selected are not online as attendance and interaction with peers on campus at the host institution is a requirement for a successful SAP experience.


Below is the process related to internal applications, applications to host institution, admission and registration processes as well as reporting and credit transfers.

Please download the attached Policy and Procedure here....

SAP Application & Admission Process

SAP Application & Admission Process