On Boarding

We welcome you to Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University. We are delighted to have you join our organization and hope that your tenure with us shall bring you rich reward that will help you in your professional growth and development. Your role is critical in fulfilling the mission of our organization.  In order to facilitate your transition the following checklist was prepared to help you through the series of administrative tasks that need to be completed upon arrival.

Original Degrees

  1. Verified and Attested Degrees.
Policy Requirements
You are required to bring original copies of the degree that you had verified by the Saudi Cultural Authority/Bureau in your respective country and attested by the Saudi Embassy.


  1. You will be reimbursed for your VISA expenses, medical up to maximum of 5000 SAR. Upon arrival you will need to complete the reimbursement form pertaining to visa processing (medicals and visa agency fee).
  2. In order to facilitate the same you need to submit the original receipts. The reimbursement is added to your first month’s salary.

Cash Advance

  1. On arrival you shall receive a cash advance to 5000 SAR, which will be an advance from your first month’s pay.

Medical Examination

  1. The HR office will set up an appointment with the medical Centre. The medical examination will include;
    1. Blood Test
    2. X-ray
    3. Vision
    4. Review of Health Questionnaire form
  2. Please bring 2 Passport size photographs for medical.


(An Iqama is a residence permit issued to those expatriates who arrive in KSA on an employment visa. The Iqama is valid for a period of 1 – 2 years subject to renewal. The Iqama is an essential document that needs to be produced for opening bank account, renting car, houses, purchasing sim card, etc. It is equivalent to that to a social security number in USA). 
  1. After your medical proceedings, you will need to coordinate with the Faulty Affairs Coordinator and hand over your passport while you will be issued a temporary “paper” Iqama to serve as legal identification until your permanent Iqama is completed.
  2. Faculty Affairs department functions as the liaison to assist faculty members in obtaining their Iqama. Once your degrees have been verified/attested and the medical examination is complete an application will be submitted on your behalf for an Iqama. 
  3. Once your application for a permanent Iqama has been requested, faculty affairs will take on the responsibility for issuing you a multiple entry exit visa.
  4. Once the above is completed you shall be handed over your Iqama and passport.

Opening Bank Account

  1. The first month’s pay is usually through cheque which needs to be enchased in SAMBA Bank (Corniche Branch).
  2. After receiving the Iqama one can open a bank account. The additional document that is required for this purpose is the Salary Certificate.
  3. Once the bank account has been opened, the account and IBAN numbers are to be forwarded to the group email id ‘payroll’, following which the next month’s pay shall be forwarded to the individual’s bank account.