PMU Diving Club
PMU Diving Club
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PMU Diving Club launching the first “Diving Course” ..

Yesterday, 19th of Nov, 2018,first batch composed of eight PMU students embarked on their first Diving Experience at PMU swimming facility. And apply the knowledge they acquired during the classroom session and implemented some of the skills required to become a Diver. At first all eight were very apprehensive about the day however after they master the breathing underwater, they soon took the other steps in learning other underwater skills such as emergency air intake ,mask removal ,clearing of the mask underwater and buddying up under water.
All the students did perfectly well and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Well done to Mr. Hussein Abbas (PADI Course Director) and his team for partially completing and achieving a unique and unrivalled Diving Experience .The 2nd batch of the students were scheduled next week after completion of the classroom lectures.
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