Health and Wellness Day 2016
Health and Wellness Day 2016
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The saying, ‘a healthy body houses a healthy mind’, does indeed apply to the PMU community which eagerly participated in the recently concluded end of semester “Have Fun and Get Fit” Health & Wellness Event 2016. The aim of the initiative, coordinated by the campus’s primary health care and counseling department, was to not only sensitize faculty, staff and students about the importance of good lifestyle choices, but also to promote the necessity of regular health screenings. Various health and wellbeing matters were discussed and several service providers within the health care system contributed towards the success of the event.

Health consultation, blood sugar, blood pressure, body mass index and O2 saturation monitoring were part of the “knowing your number” booth. The “Almana Hospital” provided free dietary consultation and Body Mass Index evaluation to ensure everyone’s proper nutritional requirements are met and to maintain proper eating habits and food choices. Dr Rawaf , Almana Hospital Internal specialist stressed the importance of weight monitoring and emphasized that carrying too much body weight feels very uncomfortable and it can also damage your heart . He also added that one method to help a person lose weight is to limit number of calories taken in through their diets. Everyone enjoyed the “Wellness Smoothie” corner where healthy fresh fruits and salads were served. The majority of faculty who participated stated that it was important for their students to familiarize themselves regarding their status and to pro-actively seek healthier lifestyle choices.

The PMU Student Affairs Campus Life team with the Participation of Fitness First Club also organized a fitness work out competition involving activities such as longest push-ups and balancing with heavy weight on both hands etc. Everyone enjoyed and participated and aimed for health and wellness prizes. Dr. Jay McKnight our very own PMU PE instructor also conducted a sports competition that included, shot put, soccer free kicks and agility running etc. On the other corner group of active students organized a healthy mental speed test to access how quickly your brained responses and cognitively process speed and attention.

The event ended with a 2-mile (3, 2 km) run around the campus with this semester’s slogan -- “Stop Smoking and run for health, Are you up for it?” Our students, faculty and staff took part in the run to quit by coming up with their own challenges to stay healthy and fit. PMU always support the students with many events in order to develop their talent and keep them active and this is what makes our university special. The Idea of having a Smoke free run is to help smokers to quit, a study has shown that people who exercise are able to quit smoking by 50%; moreover, Running improves endurance and aerobic fitness levels as well.

The runners are looking forward for another campus run event in the coming semesters. The wellness event was a huge success with loads of fun. Many thanks to all the wonderful folk who turned out, and to Student Affairs Team for conducting such a holistic event in their serene space. Indeed, all attendees gave positive feedback on the event and the desire for holistic events such the wellness day to be arranged every semester in order for students to benefit from their studies.