PMU Rovers Club
PMU Rovers Club
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Rover clubs are part of the Saudi Boy Scouts Association (SBSA); they often participate in events organized by the association, supported by it, or supporting the association itself.
The boy scouts was created in 1920 by Lord Baden Powell as a non-profit, non-political movement designed to help people in need. The values have been the same ever since and shared by all the scout groups. Late King Abdul Aziz decided to implement it in Saudi Arabia updating the values in order to respect the Islamic culture of SA.
Created recently, PMU’s Rovers Club has participated in two events so far; the two events are: the annual opening ceremony of Dammam University Rovers Club and the rovers’ initiating program.

Following is a brief summary about these two events.
In the first event, the members of the PMU Rovers Club attended the opening ceremony at DU and got in touch with DU Rovers to get a better understanding of the roles and responsibilities of rover clubs in and out of the universities they belong to. Moreover, they got an open invitation for the upcoming Rovers initiating program, organized by the Saudi Boy Scout Association and facilitated by Rovers leaders at DU, including faculty.

The second event was the Initiation and Qualification Program for Rovers’ Leaders.
This program is certified by the Saudi Boy Scouts Association. It is designed to train Rovers to become leaders, and teaches them about the vision and goals of the association.

The program was split into two parts. The first included lectures about team building and leadership skills, while the second consisted of a two day camping trip including open air activities and skills learning.
The PMU Rovers learnt a lot from these activities, and will transfer their knowledge and skills to new members at PMU.