PMU Annual Science Week
PMU Annual Science Week
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Under the supervision of Student Affairs, and in close partnership with the Department of Math and Sciences, the Campus Life Department organized the Annual PMU Science Week.

  1. On Day 1, a Math Presentation took place, managed by Dr. Wadii Hajji
  2. On Day 2, a Math Decathlon was organized by Mr. Nader Green with the contribution of all Math Faculty
  3. On Day 3, The Prep atrium was filled with many hands-on science projects, models, experiments and many other interesting and inspiring projects, all displayed by PMU students. A jury composed of the Department’s Faculty and chaired by Dr. Imad Muhi evaluated them and chose the best achievements.

The Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Dr. Muhammed Al Mulhem, the Dean of the Core Curriculum Program, Dr. Muhammad Ashraf and the Director of Student Services Mr. Iyad Bader, visited the exhibition and listened to the students’ explanations and acknowledged their efforts, they also attended the Math Decathlon. The event was intended to support students’ creativity, stimulate their confidence, and their sense of positive competition, as well as encourage youth passion for science.

The winners of this Annual Science Week will be announced during the awards ceremony which will be announced very soon.

The Department of Campus Life would like to acknowledge the efforts of all the participants, supporters and mainly the Core Program Faculty who contributed in the success of this year’s Science Week.

Pictures were taken by the Media Department at PMU and the PMU Media Club