Science Week 2016
Science Week 2016
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Under the supervision of the Division of Student Affairs, the Core Program, the Prep program and the Campus Life organized the annual Humanities Week.
This year, the HWeek was led by co-chair Dr. Yazan Al Ghazo and set with six humanities and social sciences competitions open to all undergraduate students, day and evening schedule: Leadership Essay, Persuasive Speech, Dictation, Teamwork competition, Best short movie and Research Poster Presentation.
Moreover, lectures and workshops on leadership and Team work were also organized.

  • The Research Poster Presentation event focused on secondary data analysis where students - Abdullah Dakhel Aldakhil, Wahab Hussain Al Mohsin, Yousuf Alghazzawi and Ziyad Ghassan Alghamdi- presented their research organized and lead by the faculty member Alexander Woodman.
  • The objective of the latter was to engage future leaders to conduct and present their research in a non-traditional way, discuss their research results, communicate with fellow peers and learn from each other. Students were very excited and we all are looking forward taking this experience to local-national-and international research conferences.
  • The Persuasive Speech Contest topic was about PMU six Competencies, with 8 competitors all having excellent communication skills. The event was organized and managed by Dr. Ali Alghazo and the jury consisted of Dr. Yazan M. Alghazo, Mr. Gregory Poole, and Dr. Ali Alghazo. 
  • The title of the leadership lecture was: Situational Life Cycle Leadership Decision Continuum and was presented by Mr. Gregory Poole; it attracted many attendees among day and evening students.
  • Teamwork and Leadership workshop competitions were organized and managed by Dr. Yazan Alghazo.
  • Movie competition was organized and managed by Dr. Yazan M. Al Ghazo
  • Essay competition was managed by Dr. Jorg Wilhelm Muth, subject was Leadership Essay
  • Organized for the first time ever at PMU, Dictation competition was managed by Mr. Jason Isaac and was a great success, especially among Beginners students.

The Humanities week proved to be a success, due to the great efforts and support of PMU volunteering Students and to the organizing Deanships, Departments and mostly the entire Faculty who attended, supported the competitions and encouraged their students to participate, however a few are to be named and acknowledged for the success of this Event:

  • Dean Of Student Affairs, Mr. Omar Elmoussa
  • Dr. Muhamad Ashraf, dean of Core Curricular Program
  • Mr. Iyad Bader, Director of Student Services
  • Assistant Professor Humanities and Social Sciences , Dr. Yazan Alghazo – Co-Chair/Lead Organizer
  • Campus Life Staff, Mr. Omar Baroody
  • Assistant Professor Humanities and Social Sciences, Dr. Jurg Muth
  • Assistant Professor Humanities and Social Sciences, Dr. Ali Alghazo
  • Instructor  Humanities and Social Sciences, Mr. Gregory Pool
  • Instructor Humanities and Social Sciences, Mr. Alexander Woodman.
  • Instructor English Prep-Program, Mr. Jason Isaac

An award ceremony will be organized very soon and Winners of each competition will be announced and will receive trophies and valuable prizes for their performance. Volunteers, participants and attendees will receive certificates as well.
The following pictures were taken by Media Department and Media Club: